DAY 1 | 29 October, 2019

DK-01 – Advanced Technologies – Help Or Hindrance? A Human Perspective

PL-01 – Connected ‘Mobility’ And McLaren’s Journey

DK-02 – Unlocking The Next Frontier Of The Internet Of Things

CT-01 – Panel: Trends In Technology For Customers In Connected Transport

EI-01 – Embracing Digital Twin – Getting Started, Adoption Path, Best Practices, And 5-Year Outlook

DK-04 – IoT Without Barriers – Building A Strong Partner Ecosystem

DK-03 – AI+IoT – Can It Create A Competitive Edge?

EI-02 – Applying And Extending The IoT Security Maturity Model

EI-17 – Enabling Industrial IoT For Accelerated Outcomes

MF-04 – How AI & Machine-Learning Builds A Better Manufacturing Process

CT-11 – The Future Of Information Technology Through The Eyes Of Intelligent Connected Vehicles

DAY 2 | 30 October, 2019

CT-06 – What Does Your Air Travel Look Like In 2040?

DK-05 – The Path To Business Transformation In A Digital World

DK-06 – Achieve Success In IoT – Go From Ambition To Action With Planet-Scale Competitiveness

OI-08 – When World’s Collide: Choices And Challenges In IT/OT Convergence

EI-06 – Enabling Digital Transformation With IoT: A Panel Discussion

MF-06 – Intelligent Approaches To Smart Factories

OI-06 – Beyond Predictive Maintenance – The Art Of The Possible With IoT

EI-13 – IIOT As A Key Enabler For New Business Models And Revenue Streams

CT-05 – The Automotive IoT Revolution

OI-01 – Using Mobile, IoT And Data Analytics To Take A Localized Approach To The Global Waste Problem

DAY 3 | 31 October, 2019

PL-03 – Discussion With IoT Solutions Awards Winners

PL-04 – Converting Disruptive Ideas & Innovation To Drive Supply Chain Excellence & Generate Transformational Value